Holland Little Jimi SOLD


100% Hand Built
50 Watts
Speaker, 12″ Eminence Legend
Point-to-point Wiring
4 Preamp, 2 power & 1 rectifier tube
1 Imput
3 Band EQ with Separate Controls for Sweep & Presence
Standard Preamp Volume Controls

Beautiful, Clear, Warm Chimey Tone. Features Aircraft Aluminum with scratch resistant face plate. Crafted from select woods and dressed in a very durable high quality Tolex & high-quality tubes and speakers. New Old Stock Amplifier has never been sold.

Out of stock

All Holland Amplifiers are 100% hand built. Whether it be a standard model, or a custom amplifier. Holland is equally at home with Heritage Guitars, Fender Guitars, PRS, Hamer, Ibanez, Rickenbacher, and others. The amplifiers are also compatible with all styles of music, rock, country, jazz, and blues.

Holland Amplifiers are owned and played by: Jackie King, Bob Balsley, David Becker, David Crosby, Gibb Droll, Vince Gill, Jimmy Herring, Andy Linderman, Sugar Ray Norcia, Jimmy Page, Gary Primich, Dan Akroyd, Jimmie Vaughan, and others.


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