Treasuretone offers the buying public a superior shopping experience, with a huge selection of rare, boutique, vintage instruments, and accessories of the highest quality and competitive prices.

Products include new, used. NOS (New Old Stock), vintage, rare boutique, guitars, basses, amplifiers, vintage radios, rare & hard to find albums, music books, and accessories.

Treasuretone specializes in serving the novice, hobbyist, professional musician, and collector of rarities with higher quality products.

One of our specialties is NOS (New Old Stock). These are older instruments that were never sold, or played that usually have a higher quality and value than their current model. For example, some instruments that were made ten years ago in South Korea, are now made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They look the same and are close in price, but the instruments made in South Korea are superior in quality.

We put extra attention and care in hands-on selecting what we represent, passing our expertise to you. This extra attention to quality translates to a happy business experience for you. Whether a novice, professional musician, or collector quality sells itself.
Our motto is “Quality Product, Quality Service, Quality Experience”.

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